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Welcome, friend!

Hanna here—the witchy woman behind Brushfire Herbals. It’s so great to have you!

I am a folk herbalist, gem essence practitioner, potion maker, gardener, and overall wild-lady. I adore plants and have even been known to speak to them. ;)

For the last eight years, I've committed to the ever budding study of earth medicine, and I've learned nothing brings me more joy than creating wild potions for loved ones and strangers alike.

In my darkest moments, the Earth has been there for me, to hold, protect, heal, and liberate, and this is a gift I hope to share with you all through my concoctions.

I believe self-care is world-care, and as we heal ourselves, we heal each other, which in turn heals the Earth.  

It is my goal to provide you with tools to take care through sensory, medicinal art for your self-empowerment, healing, evolution, and pleasure, and to support you wherever you are on your journey.

Thank you for being here; it’d be an honor to share medicine with you.

With deep reverence and a wild heart, I hope you enjoy!