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Herbal Tea

Habitually drinking herbal tea grants access to abundant health benefits–both physical, mental, and spiritual. We believe that the ritual is an effortless step toward a life of wellness. Our artisan blends are functional loose-leaf herbal teas, holistically formulated to support you head to soul.

We craft with gentle, nourishing herbs, roots, fruits, and flowers, then sprinkle with different flower and gem essences for added mental and emotional support.

Our blends are completely handmade from high-quality ingredients that are organic, ethically wildcrafted, or garden-grown. Each blend is designed as a unique remedy with its own vibe, helping you go with the flow one sip at a time. Some can also be brewed as infusions when steeped longer for more concentrated benefit.

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    Steady as you go. Taste: Warm + Aromatic Vibe: Patient, Relaxed, Endurant Keep the engine running but hand over the wheel to India’s queen of the ...

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    Power up, ground down. Taste: Fruity, Fresh, Herbaceous Vibe: Fortified, Resilient, Nurtured  Get Nourished with this grounding, nutritive blend de...

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