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Smoky Quartz

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  • Center. Let go. Love

    Find your center, let go of the past and be here now. An essence to connect back to the Earth and ground excess mental chatter, empower self love, comfort grief and clear the way for new beginnings

  • Essence of Smokey Quartz empowers self love, body security, forward movement, grounding and Earth connection. Dissolves negative subconscious blocks and being stuck in the past.


    Shake well before each use to activate the essence. Warm 3-4 pumps in fingertips and then apply directly to the body like you would perfume either onto pressure points or wherever you feel called. Repeat up to three times daily


    Blocked by the past, low self esteem, post-op or physical wound, feeling out of body, lack of self love, imbalance of sexual desires (calms excess and stimulates depletion), pain from childhood.

    Healing Qualities

    Assists ending a cycle and cleansing the path for a new cycle to begin, stimulates self love and increase physical self esteem, balances an overactive mind and connects one back to the Earth.

  • Ingredients

    All Organic, Wildcrafted, or Garden Grown

    Purified water, vibrational infusion of Smoky Quartz, brandy