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  • Bold. Humble. Full.

    A vibrational essence to connect one back to the energy of the Earth and replace avoidance, disorganization and the need for approval with increased will power, grounding, bravery, and courage.

  • Essence of Garnet empowers bravery, courage, self respect, imagination, freedom, and compassion.

    Dissolves lack of concern for others, need for approval, shame towards never being able to achieve enough.


    Shake well before each use to activate the essence. Warm 3-4 drops in fingertips and then apply directly to the body like you would perfume either onto pressure points or wherever you feel called. Repeat up to three times daily


    Feeling ungrounded, caught up in worry and scarcity, disorganized, lost or hiding in work, inability to stop and rest, general toxicity, mental depression, aloof, lack of respect with self or others.

    Healing Qualities

    Assists purification of mental, emotional and spiritual bodies easing depression and increasing will power, brings logical thinking to the ungrounded and connects one back to the energy of the Earth.

  • Ingredients

    All Organic, Wildcrafted, or Garden Grown

    Purified water, vibrational infusion of Garnet, brandy