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  • Open. Connect. Create.

    A vibrational essence to dissolve nervous tension and shame. Discover and enhance intimate connections, spark joy and spend more time flowing and being creative.

  • Essence of Carnelian empowers motivation, creativity, transformation, joy, passion, connection and freedom. Dissolves nervous tension, stubbornness, confusion and shame.


    Shake well before each use to activate the essence. Warm 3-4 pumps in fingertips and then apply directly to the body like you would perfume either onto pressure points or wherever you feel called. Repeat up to three times daily


    Lack of motivation and drive, fear of rejection leading to repressed identity, giving in order to receive, stuck in a "rut", overwhelmed by outside information and stimulus, jealousy, envy, feeling weak and timid, not feeling seen, locked in the heart, seeking validation and energy from others rather than from within, trouble with intimacy, sexual trauma.

    Healing Qualities

    Assists bringing ideas to fruition and unlocking the heart into safe expansion and intimacy, stimulates courage, confidence, creativity, joy, connection, lifts heavy spirits, strengthens focus, increases clarity of the mind from paralyzing thoughts.

  • Ingredients

    All Organic, Wildcrafted, or Garden Grown

    Purified water, vibrational infusion of Carnelian, brandy