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What are gem essences?

What are gem essences?

The skinny version.

A gem essence is a liquid extract, high frequency, vibrational elixir which uses the therapeutic power of a crystal or gemstone to invoke energetic alignment and address different issues of well being. 


They emit the healing frequencies of different crystals and gemstones and when we apply them topically we are introducing the high frequency field of the particular stone directly into our own energy field. This heightens awareness, opens healing pathways and elevates our vibration, calming the mind and restoring physical and spiritual balance for optimal well being. 


The production of crystal and gem essences utilize an alchemical process to encapsulate the healing vibrations from each stone. Brushfire has designed a unique and custom process inspired from both ancient and modern techniques that result in potent, pure and powerful essences. All are made in sacred ceremony under intentional astrological timing and use water purification and sound to enhance, protect and potentiate the essence. Once alchemized they are bottled in amber glass and preserved with brandy.


Gem essences are suited for times of transition, when there are polarities between parts of the self, and generally anytime one is feeling depleted and a sense of dullness in life. They can be helpful for overcoming fears, letting go of old behavioral patterns, feeling lost within your soul purpose, energetic exhaustion, spiritual curiosity, emotional imbalance, heart break, grief, negative self talk, body disconnect and more. They are used to ignite transformation and initiate energetic alignment, clearing all that is out of tune for optimal well being. 


Think of it as a supplement for your energy body. It can be used in a variety of ways, possible examples ranging from taking before meditation, or yoga, to when you take your multi- vitamin, or maybe before you take a walk in nature. They can be applied to the chakra meridians, pressure points, or anywhere the body calls you. Shake well before each use to activate the essence then warm 3-4 pumps in fingertips and apply directly to the body like you would perfume. 


The same way we nourish our physical body with different supplements, the spiritual body needs nourishment as well. Crystals and gemstones have long been recognized for different healing properties and have been used throughout history in a plethora of healing practices. In essence form, they are wonderful tools for personal and spiritual growth. When we intentionally work with them, the high frequency of the essence restores and balances the natural life force energy within the body. They work to harmonize any imbalances within our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts, initiating self healing and allowing for holistic balance. Because our energetic state informs our experience in the world, this then allows things to manifest in the physical realm.

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