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afternoon spritz near desk and plant

Afternoon Spritz: It's a Vibe.

Afternoon Spritz came into being on a hot, dry LA afternoon.

The smog was thick, my attitude thicker. Jack hammers and sirens rang in perfect dis-harmony while the Canine choir and sweet beeps of Amazon reverberated through the dry wall. Cue a solo from my angry neighbor upstairs and the symphony was in full swing. Another afternoon concerto in F-MAJOR.

Frustrated and full of tude I needed a shift before I turned rude. The walls were starting to close in and I could feel my blood begin to boil. What was I even just working on? I craved calm, clean and needed to forget it all. I needed to come back to center, take a beat and refresh. 

While grateful for the privilege of working from home, it comes with its own bag of tricks. Maybe your groans don't look quite like mine but we've all been there. A moment on the edge, a test of patience; an invasion of personal space.

Sometimes you just need a shift and a lift. A little help to clear the field and start fresh.

We are in constant contact with other vibrations and are always in conversation with our surroundings. Whether it be different environments, people, technology, color, sound... it’s all influencing us and we are influencing it. 

Scent is the quickest way to shift our energy. Chemically speaking our nostrils contain olfactory receptors. When stimulated with volatile particles from different aromatics, they deliver information to the brain, specifically our limbic system, which governs emotion and memory. Scent acts as the communicator and this exchange influences our emotional state.

Light bulbs. A wonderful solution to quickly shift perspectives and come back to the self.

Naturally, I got out the cauldron and got to mixing and whisking.

The result: Afternoon Spritz. A gift for the nose and shift for the spirit.

It's easy to get lost inside of ourselves and our moments or swallowed into the vortex of our surroundings. I know I do all the time. We always have the ability to intentional navigate, this is a tool to help. 

Empower yourself, come back to center, clear, uplift and brighten.

Be lifted and purified by Rose, enchanted by Neroli, revitalized by Frankincense and cradled by Sandalwood. The journey ends like a kiss from the Sun with empowering Citrine and an energizing splash of Blood Orange.

Smells like the stuff sunsets are made of. 

It's really helped me out, maybe it will help you to! 


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