Tea + Tub Self Love Ritual

This ritual begins with a cup of tea, you can enjoy this recipe or choose any tea that brings you joy.

  • 3 parts oatstraw
  • 2 parts skullcap
  • 1 part rose petals
    *protip- add a hint of vanilla and  5-8 drops of pink primrose flower essence

Take an extra moment to make your tea intentionally. Maybe give it a smell, or take a second to feel it in your hands. Connect to it through the senses. 
Now infuse with specific direction targeted around self love, you can literally speak into it or do this silently in your head-

Possible Examples-
I trust I am exactly where I need to be. 

Flaws and all I accept and love my whole self. 

The deeper I love myself the more I am able to love others. 

There is no wrong way, this is for YOU and YOUR healing so do what feels right.

Brew the tea and let sit for 10min- 1 hr depending on desired strength.

In tandem be running yourself a bath, maybe add bubbles if that’s your style or a drop or two of an essential oil, perhaps some rose petals. 

I like to add a few drops of a gem essence depending on what I’m working through. In this case I would add a few drops of rose quartz or smokey quartz for heart healing and self love.

Once the tea is brewed choose your favorite cup, strain and if you eat honey add a generous dollop. 

Time your tea and bath to be ready at the same time. Shut the door and create your special space. Perhaps light some incense, white sage or palo santo. Do whatever you need to create a sacred space. I also like to have some of my favorite chocolate close 😉 Really create a royal set up for yourself.

Now climb in and feel the warm water engulf you. With a few deep breaths feel your heartbeat start to slow. Take a look around, look how beautiful this whole scene is. Breathe in a moment of gratitude.  

When you’re ready, start to drink your tea. 

Continue to breathe and sip but start to think about your perceived areas of weakness or wounds in your self worth, what do those thoughts feel like, where in your body do they live. 

Keep breathing and observing. 

What is your least favorite body part? Observe what comes up with this question, what emotions are there, do any people come up. Give it a look and hold your hands on or around it, close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths. With each inhale breathe in love and exhale shame. Breathe in compassion and exhale guilt. 

Continue this for a few moments where you inhale what you’re calling in and exhaling what you’re releasing.. See how it feels to experience the emotion but not become it. Use the water to wash them through you. 

Take your time, there’s no wrong way to do this.

When you’re ready go back to drinking your tea. With each sip, get drunk on yourself. As you are sipping think about all your strengths, what is your favorite thing about yourself, what does that thought feel like, where in your body does it live. 

What brings you pleasure? Are there sensations or colors? What does joy feel like, are there any visuals or memories? 

What is your favorite body part? Look at it and give it some extra love.

Continue to breathe and visualize yourself in your full power. 

Visualize filling up any holes in your self worth with warm tea and honey. Let each sip trickle into any cracks of self defeating thoughts or beliefs. Imagine your higher self showering you with warm liquid love. Observe what being in this wholeness feels like. Envision logging this vibration in your memory to be called on anytime you’re feeling hard on yourself or out of balance.

Reflect on what it feels like to slow down and be intentional with your thoughts and actions. It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

Enjoy the rest of your tea and tub however you’d like, really try and be present with each sensory detail. 

When you’re finished, let the water out of the bath and watch all you are releasing wash down the drain.

Climb out and wrap yourself into a soft warm towel, thanking the plants, the water and most of all yourself for taking the time to nurture your mind, body and soul in this way. 

Enter your next moment, refreshed, full of self love and equipped with the tools to get back there anytime you need.