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Joy - Herbal Tea Kit

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  • A sensational holiday herbal tea—tuned to the times

    Since nothing says holiday like a spiced warm beverage, we set out to craft an herbal tea that tends all aspects of the season and sips smooth and delicious.

    Joy is an ideal fireside potion calibrated for kindred connection, perfect for after that extra dinner roll or when nerves start to frazzle.

  • Enjoy this uplifting flavor fusion of familiar holiday spices with heart-opening hawthorn and nerve-calming Tulsi.

    Joy Holiday Tea Kit comes in a compostable kraft bag with 15 servings of organic, handmade, loose-leaf herbal tea and a stainless-steel strainer.


    Use 1 tbsp of tea per 8oz of hot water. For best results, cover while steeping for 12-15 minutes.

    Healing Qualities

    With a formula tasting warm, sweet, and aromatic, this tea is designed to lift heavy spirits, aid digestion, open the heart, soothe, and delight.

  • Ingredients

    All Organic, Wildcrafted, or Garden Grown

    Tulsi (Ocimum Tenuiflorum), Hawthorn Leaf and Flower (Crataegus), Ginger (Zingiber Officinale), Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum), Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamomum), Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum), Orange Peel (Citrus Sinensis), Vanilla Bean (Vanilla Planifolia), Fennel ( Foeniculum Vulgare), Corriander (Coriandrum Sativum), Essence of Rose Quartz and Carnelian, Raw Honey

    Plant Qualities

    Tulsi: Foundational adaptogen in Ayurvedic healing traditions used for both immune and nervous system support. Rich in compounds known to reduce pain and stress along with balancing serotonin and dopamine. Known for antiviral and antibacterial properties due to high concentration of volatile oils.

    Hawthorn: An age-old heart tonic used for cardiovascular support, healthy circulation and known to regulate blood pressure.

    Ginger: Spicy, pungent, and known to stimulate digestion and circulation.

    Ceylon Cinnamon: A familiar spice with a medicinal boost. Ceylon cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and has been used as a natural medicine to support healthy blood sugar levels, digestion, and circulation.

    Cardamom: Rich in antibacterial properties, antioxidants, and known to support detoxification and support healthy digestion.

    Clove: Known to be antibacterial and immunity boosting due to high concentration of volatile oils and antioxidants.

    Coriander: Known to be blood sugar stabilizing and lowering to high cholesterol, great for a healthy digestive system.

    Fennel: Known as an effective digestive aid, fennel tames bloating and indigestion due to concentration of volatile oils, rich in antioxidants and is known to hydrate, plump, and tone skin.

    Vanilla: Sweet, aromatic, softening, and soothing to nervous system

    Orange Peel: Rich in vitamin C, adds brightness and natural flavor to tea.

    Essence of Rose Quartz: Empowers a frequency of unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

    Essence of Carnelian: Empowers a frequency of intimate connection, creativity, joy, and trust.