New Moon in Sagittarius

Jumping for Jupiter!

new moon in sag

Yippee! Sun and moon in Sagittarius!

Oh sweet and frisky Sagittarius, we love you. All the signs offer different brilliance and education, but a fiery enchantment lives within this orbit and for many, it’s also the holiday season!

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With the sun’s transition, a fresh new energy rises from the vast depths of Scorpio and it feels like a shooting arrow and a ray of hope. This Jupiter ruled sign has us thinking about expansion and lucky for us there’s momentum around it. 

We could find ourselves expanding in or through our relationships, or investigating intellectual mysteries and exploring higher mind thinking and learning. With this new energy and with the rest of the current cosmic lineup some possible questions to ask ourselves during this time, how are we feeling about what we are in service too and how it is affecting our bigger picture plan.

Are we on track? Does it feel good? Is it supporting us, is it sustainable? Are we voicing our needs? Is there re-organizing that needs to be done or action taken in regards to the flow of our lives?

What needs to be closed out this year and what are we calling in for the next?

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Perhaps there were epiphanies and truths last month showed, but now with this new wisdom and cleared space from the Scorpio detox, it’s time for rejuvenation, sass and playfulness.

Sag wants us to find that energy inside of ourselves and get to it, meow. 

There can be a lot about the state of our current world reality that can project a feeling of hopelessness or to give up and live in states of anxiety and fear, but Sag challenges us to see it another way, to look at it from all perspectives and angles. 

We can use this new moon to plant seeds and make plans to create the reality of our choosing. Dream big, live in possibility. Understand that we are the directors of our universe and thoughts DO create reality. If like me, you believe we are energy and vibration, be thoughtful about the frequencies you put in your body and what you surround yourself with. 

Some plants to lean on:

Burdock, Lemon Balm, Dandelion Root

Other tips for the season:

Take extra care of the liver and think about levels of consumption in all things. Jupiter out of balance can be excessive, keep an eye on moderation and balance. Give those hips some extra tender love and care, maybe spend some time in pigeon pose.

Partake in activities and situations that ignite your life force and fuel you with positivity. Be social, explore and contemplate this colorful and complicated life. 

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This human experience thing; it’s hard. But we have to keep marching on don’t we? We are the only ones that can truly know ourselves and what we need, and for that we need to take responsibility and learn to communicate about it clearly with others. 

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid 😉

With Jupiter leading the way, let Sag help you do you.

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