Tea + Tub Self Love Ritual

This ritual begins with a cup of tea, you can enjoy this recipe or choose any tea that brings you joy. 3 parts oatstraw 2 parts skullcap 1 part rose petals *protip- add a hint of vanilla and  5-8 drops of pink primrose flower essence Take an extra moment to make your tea intentionally. Maybe […]

Tips for Aquarius Season

it’s electric, boogie woogie woogie Oh Aquarius. The water bearer brings with it, a detached yet wise perspective. Ruler of the electrical system and peripheral circulation, this season is a great time for activities that calm and center us as well as circulate the cerebral energy. Energetically Aquarius is cold, tense and dry, so it’s […]

trick or treat

a bittersweet guide to scorpio medicine It’s the time of year when the veil is thinnest, the breeze twirls, and secret glimmers of magic are all around us. The greens have faded to orange and brown while the leaves gently crunch to dust beneath our feet. The sun shines differently, and there’s a different whisper […]